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Journalists, writers and bloggers have asked for information about our on-demand – hosted CRM product , Winds CRM™. We have created this page as a resource for them


Winds CRM™ – A new hosted (on-demand) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for small and Mid market Businesses.

Winds Business Solutions enters in Software-as-a-Service market with its flagship product, Winds CRM™, aiming to help Growing organisations to leverage the new technology advantage with affordable costing.

At any organization, effectively managing Pre-sales activities and Post sales customer relations is always a tough task for the sales and marketing teams. Often, the sales personnel and the top management are not able to keep track of the phases from identifying a customer to closing a sale, and retaining the customer.

Winds CRM™ is an easy-to-use electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) suite which can also be used as a comprehensive Sales Force Automation tool or Lead management Tool in Small and Medium Enterprises. It is a perfect bridge between the frontline sales force and the management, with added emphasis on transparency, efficiency, and cost that can lead to a higher cost effective sales strategy for the organization.

WINDS CRM is developed as a SaaS product, and any organisation with a team of 10 members to 500 member team can use winds CRM™ with a minimal subscription charge. Winds CRM™ can be used by any organisation which takes sales / marketing process seriously. The industries which can be benefited by Winds CRM™ is Retail / Ecommerce and Service industry such as Non banking financial companies / B2B trading houses and Not for profit organisations.


Winds CRM Corporate Brochure in PDF format

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Winds CRM logo in TIFF format

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Benefits of Winds CRM

  • No huge Capital Investment
  • No additional infrastructure requirement
  • Quick ROI – You pay only as you use. ( Per user payment model)
  • No installation of software – Web software , can start working from the day one.
  • Increases sales team productivity – Increased revenue and profit
  • Real time details accessible from any where in the world - Eliminate reporting time loss.
  • More visibility in to your entire Customer Life Cycle. – Birds eye view
  • Work on a more structured workflow. – systematic working structure
  • Work as a team and helps to convert more leads to sales. – Improve Team work.
  • Graphically rich charts and graph for more in-depth analysis. - Data Analysis

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