Winds CRM For Service - Features

Features of Winds CRM for Service industry

Winds CRM for service organisations - is the perfect solution to manage lead based business process.Qualify more leads and convert more sales with Winds CRM.
Some of the major features are :

Manage customers - 360 degree view of customers available 24/7.
Leads / enquiry management – is done effectively . web API for integrating with multiple web channels for generating enquiries
Quotations - Managing Quotations is simple process, and with a click of a button you can generate the quote in your pre-defined formats.
Opportunity pipeline – Manage your potential opportunities with pipeline analysis and accurate forecast
Sales order and Sales - Manage your order book and your invoices with close integration.
Warranty management – Manage your Warranties effectively and set business alerts on its renewal that you never miss business opportunities on renewal
Receipts – Manage receipts against each invoices and know your receivables on real time basis .
Marketing Management - Manage up-sell and cross sell and improve top line.
Customer Support Management - Support queries manage on the fly.
Dashboards - Better visibility in to the business process with graphical representation


Enquiry Management
  • Client management
  • Contact management
  • Lead / Enquiry Management
  • Opportunity management
  • Web to LEAD API
  • Target management
Quotation Management
  • Quotation management
  • Multiple Quotation templates
  • PDF Quote generation
  • Quote emailing
Invoice Management
  • Sales order management
  • Performa invoice
  • Invoice / Sales management
  • Invoice printing
  • Invoice emailing
  • Scheduler
  • Incentive management
Marketing Management
  • Suspect group management
  • Campaign management
  • Search based marketing
  • Emailer templates management
  • Escalating Suspect to an opportunity
  • Mail merge templates
Support management
  • Support Ticket management
  • Knowledge base management
  • Support Workflows
  • Support Invoice management
  • Customer support - WEB API
  • Customer query status Check API
Receivables Management
  • Credit memo
  • Debit memo
  • Receipt reconciliation
  • Account reconciliation
  • Customer ledger
Warranty management
  • SO wise Warranty management
  • Product wise Warranty management
  • Warranty certificate printing
  • Warranty Task management
  • Customer ledger
Expense management
  • Expense entry
  • Expense approval
  • Petty cash management
  • 360 degree view of a client
  • Lead dash board
  • Opportunity dashbaord
  • SO dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Target management
Task management
  • Task management
  • Reports

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