Finding the real pain area is critical for successful implementation of CRM in any organization.

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If you see any CRM implementation process, there are many challenges faced on a regular basis.   Its really scary to read the views of experts about CRM implementations, where they say majority of CRM implementations are failures.    

I am in to the CRM industry for many years and successfully implemented CRM in many Small and Medium organizations.   You can see some of my observations here.

1.       If a CRM is implemented for a general cause, there is high chance that it will fail.    :  What does it mean ?  we get many enquiries, where the requirement is , They want to implement CRM because the industry demands that,  or to just for Sales team automation or to bring in a general process oriented approach to the organization etc.,     I have been experienced that, in all such scenarios the chances of failing is very high, rather, we can put it like, chances of success is very less.   So make sure that you have a specific Cause for starting CRM in your organization whether its one point agenda or 10 point agenda. 

2.       Make sure, the Sponsor or CEO of the organization is not the Lead implementer – high chance that it will not succeed.    We have come across  many organization where the lead role of implementation is taken by the CEO or the Owner of the organization, especially in SME sector.    This strategy is seen as a non-viable option, mainly because, CEO / Ownder’s priorities of a day is very different, and they will be looking the organisation’s process as a whole. Where as for CRM implementation, you need a dedicated person, who is been sponsored / deligated by the CEO/ Owner, which will help the organization to penetrate the CRM implementation till the lowest level of users.

3.       Make sure, the objective of CRM is not to replicate or automate the current paper driven process / legacy system process.     If the management of the organisation is telling you that they just want to automate the current process which is now in paper / or in a old software format, its time to re-think.    It will be hard to show success of CRM implementation to an Owner of a firm in the long run.   They will never see value in having a new CRM in this scenario.    Try to improvise  / give consultation on the new approaches the CRM industry have, and focus on the benefits if they are deviating from the current style of operation.  Try to bring in Industry best practices which will help the organization rather than just duplicating the current age old process.  ( Please note, here I am not suggesting for a re-engineering but a viable option to make the process simple )

4.       Last but not least -   Beware of Finance guys – if Finance related modules are included in the CRM implementation phase  (like invoicing / Payment collection etc.,).    There is a huge difference in the mindset of a Sales / Marketing / Customer support resource  when comparing with a Finance guys.  Finance guys are always tough person to convince, especially on the new best practices .    They are doing this resistance for obvious reasons, where they are more concerned about statutory reporting.   In this case, The CRM implementers have to take a strategic position to convince Finance guys and sail through successfully. 


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