CRM SaaS Vs. On-premises

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Confused on which one to go for - SaaS version or On-premises version ? here are some check points you can evaluate, which can help you to decide.

Choose SaaS CRM..

  • If you want to test the waters without much initial investment.
  • When the IT resources in your organization for this CRM adoption is very less , which is crucial in successfully implementing CRM in the long run
  • If you are not sure on the fool proof CRM strategy you are planning adopt in the initial stage. And you need a departmental solution right away.
  • When  you are under pressure on speeding up the implementation process of the proposed CRM 
  • Lack of disaster recovery plan for CRM so keeping it on someone else's locations seems smart.
  • No or very Little offline capability is needed.

Choose On-Premise CRM

  • When your requirements are not matching with any of the readymade CRMs available and you require fine tuning to a great extent.   
  • When you need your data to be integrated with other softwares you own internally 
  • You want to align CRM software with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system and the on-premise product is different or superior.
  • When there is an organizational policy that, you have to host your data inside your own network.
  • Heavy offline capability is required.
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