Why only the Large Organisations have Fun ?

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Enjoying the benefits of Information Technology was a luxury till recent days. We can say, that era is on way to become extinct. Hope you all agree with me. I am sure, there will be few who disagree with me too. :-)

I can say without any doubt that Information technology, if correctly implemented can bring multi-fold benefits to organization no matter the size is small or Medium or Large . That’s the reason why India has more software service companies, who are doing nothing but, helping the organization in the developed countries to improve the efficiencies by adopting IT

You take the case of an Indian Enterprise situation.  If you are a large organization with more than 1000 employees and more than 500 crore of business, you always can resort to the bigger Enterprise solution providers like SAP / Oracle / Microsoft for implementing the high end Enterprise application.   The Large Organisations have got the wherewithal to allocate few Crores of amount and enjoy the benefits.    Say a typical ERP implementation of such big players will start with 25 lacs ( including implementation ) and scaling upwards to few Crores as the complexity goes up.

Do you think these kind of budget can be afforded by a Small and Medium organizations ?   Never, its 100% out of question.  With my experience in discussing with the small and medium players in the past many years is that, these kind of solutions are out of questions for them.  But does that mean that these SMEs cannot enjoy the benefits of automation what The Big brothers are enjoying ???

Here comes the Era of Software As A Service popularly known as SaaS where its been offered as a hosted / Cloud solution.  There are many SaaS based Enterprise applications who provide the Enterprise application with a very little initial investment and balance they can pay as they use.   

Lets take a real time case of a strategically important vertical in an organization called, Customer Relation Management.    With the CRM offering in SaaS platform will allow the SMEs to enjoy all the benefit of Automation of process through IT adoption, and thereby increase chance of being more Profitable and more productive.  

What to know some of the points Large organizations are analyzing by implementing CRM in their organization ? 

Core Knowledge gained with CRM automation

Business Benefit
You can know, what is your Customer Life Time value  - (CLTV) Know How much a specific Customer is contributing to your topline – and treat them as per their priority
You can know Customer Acquisition cost (CAS) Clearly know –how much is the cost of Acquiring a Customer, and align your Strategy accordingly
You can know Customer Servicing  Cost (CSC) Generally companies don’t keep a track of this , but with a CRM auotmation, you can know how much time you are devoting to a customer for solving the support issues and servicing them.    This will help you to price appropriately 
You can know Customer Profitability Clearly know which customer is profitable and which one is not.   Just by giving Volume doesn’t mean that the customer is profitable
You can know precisely which customer group is giving your more revenue – Segmented focus Customer demographics analysis, and know what type of customers are important for you in raising revenue and profit


The list goes on and on….   These are just a snapshot.  But I would like to give you a direction that, there is possibility, and will be achievable if you are choose a right CRM for your organization. 

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