Re-engineering Customer Process ( with CRM applications)

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Re-Engineering Customer process may feel as a new terminology for few readers. In every organisation, there is a process, which deals with their customers. Usually its not been attended to because of the ignorance of the topic or because there is no enough mechanism to manage it effectively.

Customer process starts with your first call to a prospective customer and ends till the Customer life time. It is very critical for every organisation that, it has a right mix of business generated from new customers as well as from the existing customers.

According to the 2008 Executive Survey by Gartner and, retaining and enhancing relationship with current customers is the number one business issue, followed by attracting new customers. To re-engineer Customer process effectively, you must have a customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy in place. As a business strategy CRM will help organisation to reengineer the Customer process to improve the customer experiences .

One of the key to Customer process reengineering is "Customer input", which has to be captured from different touch points. It should start from the lead generation stage and usually never ends, because, for an organisation, once a customer is always a customer.

Since the customer input is the key, you should have a clear cut mechanism for entering and analysing the same, for which any good CRM application which suites your requirements will be helpful. Implementing and managing the customer input system effectively will lead you to a more clear insight in to the entire process.

Benefits by RE-engineering the existing Customer process ?

  • It helps you to understand your existing customer management process
  • It helps you to understand the behaviour of the existing customers
  • It helps you to increase the revenue and profitability
  • It helps you to increase the Customer satisfaction level.
  • It helps the marketing department to plan and implement effective strategy.
  • More insight in to the improvements needed in the customer management process.

Its understood that , Usually the prime objective of the Customer process reengineering will be to improve the customer relationship rather than improved efficiency.

Some tips to implement Customer Re-engineering process in your organisation.

1. Define the objective of the process re-engineering
2. Define the methodology on how to achieve the objective. Like implementing on-demand CRM in your organisation
3. Define, how the said methodology will help solve the issues or opportunities facing the organisation.
4. Prepare a document, with what will happen if Customer reengineering is not implemented - (the do-nothing scenario ).
5. Define, what will be the money / People and time involved in the process-reengineering.
6. Present it to the Top Executive and make them sponsor the whole activity.
7. Start implementing step by step
8. Analyse and redefine as per the requirement.

So, if you feel that you need to re-look your existing Customer process, start today. You can call us for any professional assistance on Customer Process Re-engineering. You can also mails us at , Our team will be there to help you out.

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